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Bluffton Area New Construction Homes

As you can see around Bluffton new construction communities are everywhere. From Burnt Church Rd to Buckwalter Pkwy to New Riverside. We hope this guide will help you to make the best decision when it comes to deciding if a new construction home is right for you.

Education on the New Home Buying Process


As with anything in life knowing as much about the process is the most important. The more you know the more can save you time & money.


One of the most important things to know is the community and the future of the area:

Questions you might want to know about a community:

  • How big is the community going to be?

  • What Phase is the community in?

  • What are the amenities?

  • When will be the amenities be completed?


Questions about the area

  • Will there be new shopping centers or stores?

  • How will the new Savannah Port affect Bluffton?

  • How will the upcoming Exit 3 off 95 in Hardeeville affect the area?

In addition, you must do your research on the builder because not all builders offer the same thing. Some of the common local builders in the area are (in alphabetical order):

Del Webb - More information 

D.R Horton - More information 

K. Hovnanian Homes - More information 

Smith Family Homes - More information 

Pulte Homes - More information 

Village Park Homes - More information 

Margaritaville - More information 


Why New Construction Lenders Suck

Next to education when buying a home, is shopping for the best rate with a lender is just as important.


A fraction yes .5 .... 1/2 of a percentage point can save you thousands and thousands of dollars per year.


Next to working with the best Realtor (me) the next person you must add to your team is a great mortgage lender. Be it a Bank or Mortgage Broker(more about the difference later)


Now do not get me wrong not all New Home Construction Lenders Suck but just like the onsite agent they “work “ for the builder. So ok great you get $5,000 in upgrades by using the builder's preferred lender but if the APR is .125% higher on that loan you could get somewhere else you can be paying $50 more a month. That might not seem like much. Doing the math $50*12months=$600 a year. $600*30years=$18,000….So that upgrade appliance package and flooring just cost you $13,000 more dollars. Now you see why shopping around could potentially save you money compared to just using the “preferred lender”


Always remember that at the start of any home purchase, find the best lender that has the best rates and options for you!

Some of my favorite lenders to work with are:

Addison Altizer - New American Funding - 843.227.9911

Jackie Alcock - Movement Mortgage - 843.368.3404

Why it would  be ludicrous to buy new construction without a Realtor®

  1. The builders pay the Agent's commission!

You want the best deal possible…right? The builder will pay an agent to get a better deal for you!  So why wouldn't you want an Agent to represent you and ensure you receive the best deal possible?

Finding the right Realtor® who is going to understand your needs and is working with you is the most important. You want an agent that is going, to be honest, and explain the process to you.

Once you have selected the Realtor® that fits and works with you, it’s time to develop a game plan. What are you looking for in your new home? Your Real Estate Agent will dig down to be able to help you find out your needs and wants. Even those that you might not even know.

It's important to understand that looking at homes online compared to in person is a completely different experience. Even though “creative photography” is looked down upon in real estate, angles and lighting can make an area look different. For new construction, this is even more important because you might see pictures of a house that is not even been built yet or a model home that has all the upgrades and has been professionally staged with furniture.

5 Benefits Of Having An Agent For Your Bluffton New Construction

You want the best deal, right?


So, you will want a Realtor® representing you during negotiations for your new construction home. You might think if you go in there by yourself you will get a better price. But builders are unlikely to lower their price in this seller’s market. Why would they take a discount when it's likely someone will come in and pay it.


Therefore, you want an agent to work for you during negotiations. Someone who knows the ins and outs of securing you the best deal possible. 


Everyone wants the best deal possible and sometimes that does not mean a lower price. The best way to negotiate with builders upgrades!


Builders do not want to drop their prices because they need to maintain value for their neighborhood. This does not mean they will not drop the price but in a market where demand exceeds supply, it is unlikely. Giving upgrades to consumers is an easy way for them to maintain the value of the neighborhood while giving the customer a deal in a fashion that will not upset the neighbors.


Why will they give a deal to a Realtor® you ask? Simple repeat business, you as an unrepresented consumer only give the builder just one sale. If the builder works with a real estate agent and gives their client a deal and they bring another buyer to the community  your “$5,000 upgrade” is a great return on investment. It is a Win/Win for all parties involved.


Benefits to buyers using an agent to represent them when buying new construction:

  • Agents talk, if they have a good or bad experience with a builder who are they going to tell? Other agents! How would you know this if you did not have an agent?

  • An experienced buyer’s agent knows how to present requests and negotiate. Many builders do not budge, but a good agent can work with the site agent to get things done that might not normally happen.

  • An experienced buyer’s agent knows how to read and explain a new construction contract. What is in it for a site agent to really explain the contract to you? The work for the builder.

  • A buyer’s agent will be there even after the home closes. It is routine for issues to arise during the first year of a new home. Site agents tend to forget a buyer’s name after the contract is signed. When the builder finishes the community who are you going to talk to?

  • An experienced buyer’s agent will have suggestions and advice along the way, on options, inspections, mortgages, construction issues, and more.

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