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Why it would ludicrous to buy new construction without a Realtor®

The builders pay the Agent's commission!

You want the best deal possible…right? The builder will pay an agent to get a better deal for you! So why wouldn't you want an Agent to represent you and ensure you receive the best deal possible?

Finding the right Realtor® who is going to understand your needs and is working with you is the most important. You want an agent that is going, to be honest, and explain the process to you.

Once you have selected the Realtor® that fits and works with you, it’s time to develop a game plan. What are you looking for in your new home? Your Real Estate Agent will dig down to able to help you find out your needs and wants. Even those that you might not even know.

It's important to understand that looking at homes online compared to in person is a completely different experience. Even though “creative photography” is looked down upon in real estate, angles and lighting can make an area look different. For new construction, this is even more important because you might see pictures of a house that is not even been built yet or a model home that has all the upgrades and has been professionally staged with furniture.

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